Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Even more ice cream...

So, first off... Birthday Post (19 on the 19th, pretty awesome eh?) toooo bad i have a practical to worry about...but more on that later on.

I know I am behind, so bear with me..it's been VERRRRY stressful lately and I finally found some time to write.

This post is all about finishing our frozen desserts (alaska, bombe, souffle glace) as well as sherbet and sorbet.

Sorbet and Sherbet

What's the difference? Well, I am glad you asked. Sorbet and sherbet are essentially the same thing. Fruit puree, simple syrup and any additional flavorings churned just like ice cream. However, sherbet is sorbet with heavy cream added. This give it a less icy and smoother mouthfeel. Each sorbet should have a certain sugar density, it is easy to check this with a sterilized egg. Float the egg in the syrup, the exposed egg should be between the size of quarter and the size of a dime. The larger the space exposed the more sugar in the mixture. If the mixture has too much sugar it will not freeze properly, the same if it has too little (icy texture).

The Egg Test

For our sorbet we chose to make coconut with a hint of passionfruit (the group before made passionfruit)

Coconut Passionfruit Sorbet

And for our sherbet, we made Strawberry Mango.

Strawberry Mango Sherbet

Finishing Desserts

To finish the souffle glace from the previous post, work quickly. Remove the plastic lining from the outside and finish with cocoa powder, chantilly cream, mint, and tulip paste cookies in any combination you want.

My Finished Souffle Glace

Chef's Finished Souffle Glace

Ice Cream Bombes

To finish the bombes, melt shortening in a pan and add some chocolate, allow to cool to about 95 F. Trim the bombe free of any drips or feet, and place on a glazing rack. Quickly coat the ice cream dome with the chocolate glaze, once dried decorate with chantilly and serve.

My Finished Bombe

Chef's Demoed Bombe

Finishing Baked Alaskas

Since we already made the Alaska part of this dessert (see previous post please) the Baked part is still missing. To do this, create a meringue (we did italian/ cooked sugar syrup meringue). Unmold the cake encased ice cream and trim any feet or drips. Place on a plate and pipe the meringue (to cover) on the dome. Once covered, torch as with any other meringue (or bake in a low oven).

My "Beehive" Baked Alaska

Chef's "Pineapple" Baked Alaska

Not only did every student make and finish their own desserts, we got to eat them... and they were good (my favorite was the bombe and the baked alaska)

Dessert Feast for One (or three)

More creamy desserts to come... stay tuned!

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