Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cookie Tales

So, I know it's been awhile since I've posted but i got sick over the weekend and I've been putting my school work ahead of blogging too ( i know...dedication). Also, I just really can't stand this class!! (but it's over!!!! more on that later)

Honestly, some of it was fun...but some not so much... i'm only going to share the fun stuff.

French Macaroons

The world seems to be obsessed with french macaroons lately and I myself had never had one before but they always peaked my interest. My partner and I chose pistachio which lately I have been mildly obsessed with.

To start, whip the egg whites very slowly with a pinch of cream of tarter towards the beginning. Just gradually and slowly add the sugar to the egg whites, this whole process should be about 10 minutes. This will create a very strong meringue.


Next, fold in your sifted nut flour (pistachio) and sifted powdered sugar. The mixture will deflate and is kind of melted marshmallow-y like. Use a small sized round tube and pipe from the side with even pressure. Pipe a small 1 inch round and let go of the pressure and lift off.

Piped Macaroons

Bake until firm and dry but have not cracked on the tops. They should have "feet". Sandwich two together with any desired filling. We tried ganache and raspberry jam ( the jam was better).

Finished Macaroons

These cookies are easy and cute. Cut out little rounds of short dough and on half of them punch out three little dots. Once baked Sandwich together with raspberry jam (dust with powdered sugar,if desired).


These are also the same little sized pieces of short dough. Instead the tops are criss-crossed with a fork like any other peanut butter cookie and then egg white washed. Sandwich these with peanut butter swiss butter cream and dip in chocolate part way.

Hazelnut "S"

Yet another simple, simple cookie. The dough...any nut flour ( this case hazelnut) corn syrup and egg whites. Pipe into one inch "S" shapes. Bake until lightly golden. And sandwich together with apricot jam.


This one, is a meringue like batter, and piped into an oval shape.

Bake until dry and very lightly browned. Sandwich together with mocha butter cream and top with a rosette of butter cream.

Finished Japonaise

Coming next.....Petit Fours and the nightmare that they are....

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