Sunday, May 9, 2010

The end of cookie cookin'

So, cookies & petit fours finally came to an end thursday and i was sort of happy to see it go. For our practical we had two days to complete it. My group was assigned to do our petit fours the first day (the day AFTER we had just done them) and they didn't go so well... the room was exceptionally cold and the vent was blowing right on my work. Then the fondant was too thin and then it was too just didn't go well. Fondant is not my thing (nor many other of my classmates). I took my time and in the end my partner and i were able to finish our petit fours as well as our madelines.

Day two, I was happy to have finished the most stressful part already and could was free to just bake.

We first created our french macaroons again. Pistachio yet again, finished with raspberry jam. Yummy. They baked better than the first time we made them and had more uniform feet, even though I will admit my piping was less than uniform...

Pistachio French Macaroons

We also created hazelnut "S"s sandwiched together with apricot jam, harlequins finished with raspberry jam, biscotti, butter cookies and my personal creation chocolate chip pistachio cookies (YUMMMMMY).

With our colored marzipan we had to make a rose spray on top of all the baking.

Pictures of Practical Production

So one more segment left until the summer. Nine more class days until my freshmen year is over, and to be honest i'm ready to go home. I can only guess what kind of blogging the summer will bring, but I know that I am going to make the best out of my last lab for the year. Hot and Cold desserts with one of my already favorite chefs, I am so excited. What a way to end the year, not to mention my birthday :) Did I mention I won't be back to JWU until the winter trimester? more on that later...

Where did the time go? Well, until Monday night Bloggers.

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