Friday, April 16, 2010

Pie NOT a bad thing...

It seems to me, that all I did in class on Thursday was finish pies and then eat them...

And much to YOUR dismay...that was basically true. We finished our lemon meringue pies with you guessed it...meringue and our cream pies with chantilly cream. We also made linzer dough (to be used for a linzer torte) and baked off some tartlet shells.

Linzer dough is a very strange dough. It has cake crumbs, lemon zest, glucose and ground toasted hazelnuts. We will use this dough next class. (Pictures another day.)

Finishing our Pies

To finish the lemon pie made the previous day, we created a common meringue with a one to one ratio (one part sugar to one part pasteurized egg whites). First we covered the whole pie with a heap of meringue and then piped up any design to peak in the middle. Sprinkle with sugar and torch to a deep golden brown. (It should smell like a campfire!)

Finishing the Lemon Meringue

My finished Lemon Meringue Pie

Finishing the Cream Pies

Spread an even layer of chantilly cream to cover the custard filling. And pipe any desired design using any desired garnishes (usually they match the filling).

My finished "Mounds" cream pie

(chocolate and coconut)

Panning Tartlets

Yes, tartlets are little baby tarts. SO CUTTTTTE, hows a girl not to love them? We used our Pate Sablee (or cookie dough), rolled it out to an eighth of an inch and cut a piece slightly larger than the tartlet pan. Using a balled up piece of dough, press the dough into every crevice of the lightly greased pan. Turn the pan over and press to cut the excess dough.Dock the dough and bake until barely golden on the edges. Cool before filling.

Panning the Tartlets

When I talk about pie overload, I MEAN it... we cut up at least FOUR pies on Thursday. I ate three (sorta small...) pieces. One was chocolate peanut butter cream,one was chocolate/vanilla cream and another was coconut. They also had out the lemon one but I was a little reluctant with all of that meringue and jello like texture.

Our pie buffet...(jealous?)

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