Friday, April 9, 2010

Apple Pie, like Grandma used to make!

As if an apple pie with eight apples wasn't enough, we had to make EVEN more apple pies. This time we made home style, with all that good syrupy gunk. We also assembled our cherry pies and baked blind shells for monday's class.

Double Crusted Cherry Pie

Line the pie pan with crust as before, egg was the rim of the shell. Then we filled the shell with our cherry filling from the day before, be sure not to over fill it.

Filling the pie

Roll out your second portion of dough to the same size. Fold the dough in half and create a place for steam to vent in an design desired using a knife, cookie cutter or bench scraper. Place the dough with the seam in the middle and open up the dough. Press down on the edges to seal and cut the excess dough off. Crimp if desired.

Sealing and Cutting Top Layer

Egg wash to finish and sprinkle with sanding sugar, if desired.

My finished unbaked Cherry Pie

Baked Cherry Pie

Apple Pie Filling

This is made the same way as the cherry from the day before (with a few changes). Boil the 3/4 of the water, cinnamon, sugar, salt and most of the apple slices. Meanwhile, create a slurry of cornstarch and the reserved water. Once the apples come to a boil, vigorously stir in the slurry. Keep stirring until the cloudiness goes away and the mixture is more clear looking. Add the reserved apples and cool before placing in unbaked shell.

Apple Pie Filling

Double Crust Home style Apple Pie

Assemble as exactly the same as the cherry pie (more filling can fit)

Assembled Home style Apple Pie

We are baking these on Monday. Also for Monday we baked our blind shells (empty pre-baked shells).

Blind Shell

These are rolled out and panned the exact same way as before, only they are docked and baked with a pie plate on both sides, upside down with another sheet pan on top. Cool before using.

Panned Blind Shell

On a delicious note, at one point during class we all stopped our work gathered around and ate our baked Dutch Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream!

My baked Dutch Apple Pie

And I'll leave you with My Deliciousness (Dutch Apple and Vanilla Ice cream)

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