Friday, March 12, 2010

Pastry Cream Blissfulness.

Day 4

Friday class....nobody likes those. BLEH and you can almost guarantee a good portion of the class is skipping (here at Jwu we don't believe in Fridays). We also had a "sub" chef today and will also on Monday and Tuesday. Lecture lasted longer than usual on topics we all have heard several times before, and in greater depth during baking science.

Two words, Pastry Cream.
For those of you who have never come across this before (or at least a well made one). It is absolute heaven. It's like the best vanilla pudding you will ever have...buttery and decadent, spotted with vanilla bean. And most pastry students are obsessed with it.
Chef gave us a demo on pastry cream (which we all already knew how to make...)

Pastry Cream Mise en Place

Chef Demo

Then Chef Demoed how to core and prepare a pear for poaching.
Here's mine...

The Poaching liquid was equal parts water and red wine, with sugar, cinnamon sticks and a few cloves. It smelled wonderful.

After they boiled in the liquid for a while, and came out a blush pink, we cooled the pear and the liquid and stored them together in the fridge to marry together further over the weekend.

We also had to make Carrot cookies....which were odd to say the least, and ended up being like little bite size pieces of bland carrot cake.

We also finished our butter cookies by dipping them in tempered chocolate, you should hear the snap on that chocolate!

And on a slightly savory note, our Chef took all the potatoes we spent all that time practicing with on the first day of class, and made us mashed potatoes. They were gooooood.

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